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Sand Cone Test Set
ASTM D-1556 AASTHO T-191
For determining the density of compacted soil in place
Specification :
SC-351 Sand Cone Botlle Glass/plastic, 4 litre capacity 1 pc
SC-352 Sand Cone Funnel Seamless metal, turning stooper, 6 ½” dia button, ½” neck dia 1 pc
SC-353 Base Plate Cast alumunium, 12” x 12” 1 pc
SC-354 Graduated Sand Uncemented sand, passing #10, retained # 60, 25 kgs weight 1 zak
SC-530 Sample Can Round can, tinned metal 6 pcs
SC-571 Round Scoop Cast alumunium 1 pc
SC-582 Spoon Stainles steel 1 pc
SC-583 Trowel Pointed type 1 pc
GC-591 Chisel Hardened type 1 pc
GC-610 Rubber Mallet Wooden handle 1 pc
Weight : 55 kg
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