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Combination Permeameter Test Set
ASTM D-2434 AASTHO T-215
For determining coefisien of permeability of soil sample
Specification :
SC-471 Standard Proctor Hammer Transparant fibre glass 2 ½” compessive spring, cast alumunium body 1 set
SC-472 Modified Proctor Hammer Plastic, wide mount with over flow 1 pc
SC-473 Standard Proctor Mold Alumunium 1 pc
SC-474 Modified Proctor Mold 2.47” dia., ½ “ thick 2 pcs
GC-352 Graduated Cylinder 100 ml capacity 1 pc
GC-383 Burrete Glass, 100 ml capacity, out scale 1 pc
GC-650 Stop Watch 60 sec, Sweep x 15 min 1 pc
Weight : 10 kg
Kategori : Product ID: 25702
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