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Standard Penetration Test
ASTM D-1586           AASTHO  T-206
For driving a split barrel sampler to obtain a representatip soil sample and measure the soil resistance to penetration
Specification :
SC-121 Split Barrel Sampler Hardened machine steel, 1 3/8” id., 18” length 1 Set
SC-121 Sampling Rod Steel Pipe, 1.5 metre length 20 Pcs
SC-122 Drive Weight Assembly Consist Of :
SC-122.3 Hammer
Guide Rod Steel, 63.5 kg weight
Machined steel
Steel, 76,2 cm drop height 1 Pc
1 Pc
1 Pc
SC-123.3 Tripod Assembly Consist Of
Tripod Stand
Rope :
Steel, pipe
20 cm diameter
¾” dia. X 15 meter
1 Pc
1 Pc
1 Rol
SC-124 Vertikal Gide MACHINED STEEL 1 pc
GC-689 PIPE Wrench 24” lenght 2 Pcs
Weight : 445 kg
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