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Spesific Gravity ( Vacuum Method )
For determining spesific gravity of finel sample
Specification :
GC-341 Vacuum Stand Wooden base, steel pipe column, 2 valves 1 pc
GC-280 Thermometer Range 0 – 50 C 1 pc
GC-354 Graduated Cylinder Glass, 500 ml capacity
GC-363 Volumetric Flask Glass, 500 ml capacity 2 pcs
GC-390 Pipette Glass, 5 ml capacity 1 pc
GC-400 Funnel Glass, wide mount 1 pc
GC-411 Wash Botlle Plastic, 250 ml capacity 1 pc
GC-523 Mixing Bowi Stainles steel, 24 cm diameter 1 pc
GC-540 Vacuum Pump Rotary pump, supplied with vacuum manometer 1 unit
Weight : 45 kg
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