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Percentage Refusal Density ( Prd )
BS  598 – 104
Percentage Refusal Density (PRD) is defined as the ratio of the intial dried bulk density of the sample to the final density (refusal density) expressed as percentage.
The sample bulk density is determined by weighing in air and water. It isthen heated in a split mould and compacted to refusal using a vibrating hammer. The final density is obtained by weighing in air and water.
Specification :
SC-801 Vibrating Hammer Suitable for compacting soil samples, Electric, 220 Volt 1 pc
SC-802 Mold and Base Plate Small : 4” (101.6 mm) id
Large : 6” (152.4 mm) id
SC-803 Tamping Foot Small : 102 mm diameter
Large : 146 mm diameter
SC-804 Shank 300 mm long for tamping fool
Weight : 135 kg
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