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Distilation Of Cutback Asphalt
ASTM  D – 70 AASTHO  T – 228
Specification :
BC-151 Flask Heat resistance glass 500 ml capBCity, with side arm 1 pc
BC-152 Condenser Glass, jBCketed 1 pc
BC-153 Adaptor Heat resistance glass 1 pc
BC-154 Shield Metal, asbestos lined, glass window 1 pc
BC-155 Shield and Flask Support Variable height adjusment 1 pc
BC-156 Support and Clamp Metal, provided with clamps 1 pc
GC-302 Thermometer ASTM C  7,2 to 300 C 1 pc
GC-352 Graduated Cylinder 100 ml capBCity 1 pc
GC-551 Bunsen Bumer Heat resource 1 pc
GC-554 Asbestos Wire Gauze 15 cm x 15 cm 1 pc
Weight : 10 kg
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